041 - Bokashi & Effective Microorganisms With Cuauhtemoc Villa

Befriending The Microbes To Learn Ancient Probiotic Wisdom

Cuauhtemoc Villa

Join us in this fascinating interview with bokashi expert Cuauhtemoc Villa. 

He is a friend of the microbes, student of their ancient wisdom, and teacher of their ways. He has years of experience working with Effective Microorganisms, and creating custom blends of bokashi specific to the needs of the plants he works with. He does work in bio-remediation of land and waterways, and teaches school kids these practices. In conjunction to this, he also teaches Indigenous Agricultural Practices.

Cuauhtemoc shares a bit about he got involved with the microbes and shares with us some basics of how to brew EM and make bokashi.

His passion for the microbes is amazing, and he’s changing people’s lives as he shares their wisdom; he gives a lot of hope to the kids that have forgotten who they are, the ones that other give up on. 

I hope you get inoculated with inspiration from this interview!

Learning how to grow plants and microbes is therapy for your soul!

Some things Cuauhtemoc is involved in:




Reach out to him here:

Instagram: bokashi4u

Facebook: Cuauhtemoc Villa

Some recommendations from Cuauhtemoc:

Video: Microbe Power





Books he recommends: 

Earth Saving Revolution

Dr. Teruo Higa

Growing A Revolution

David R. Montgomery 

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May the beneficial microbes be with you…

Show Notes to come.