042 - Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation And The Soil Food Web With James Rickbeil

How Regenerative Living Soil Systems Improve Your Microbiome And Your Yields 


Join us in this episode as we talk with James Rickbeil and dive deep into the soil food web. James is a soil food web enthusiast, compost artist, and a student of Dr. Elaine Ingham getting certified as Soil Food Web consultant. He is also a cannabis grower who is passionate about regenerative living soil systems. On Instagram he’s known as @microbeherder and he’s been posting some great clips of what he sees down the lens of his microscope.

In this conversation James really highlights some of the main connections between soil health and human health and talk about how our microbiome affects everything in our body. 

We also talk about the recent event he participated in called “The Science of Regenerative Cannabis Cultivation Conference”

There is lots of golden nugs in this episode, so belt up and get ready for a ride!

Be sure to check out James on Instagram @microbeherder

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May the beneficial microbes be with you!

Show Notes to come.