040 - Kefir Grains For Health With Dominic Anfiteatro

How Kefir Grains Can Heal Gut Health And Our Microbiome


In this episode, we bring you an interview with Dominic Anfiteatro from Adelaide, South Australia. Dominic was featured in Sandor Katz’ book ‘The Art of Fermentation’ and is a kefir alchemist of sorts. Join us as he shares his story of how he came across kefir. I enjoyed the way Dom tells stories… He also tells the story of where kefir grains come from, and why you should eat your kefir grains! 

Among the topics we discuss are: silken kefir, the systemic anti-inflammatory nature of kefir grains, adding kefir grains to other foods, continuous secondary fermentation, and water kefir. You can tell Dom is passionate about what he does, I really enjoyed chatting with him. 

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You can find all of Dom’s fantastic info on his website: http://users.chariot.net.au/~dna/

Check out a video of Dom’s giant kefir grains

Here’s another video of his water kefir grains

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