033 - ‘A Place In The Country’ Exploration with Chris Ferreira

How To Buy, Regenerate And Steward Rural Land

This episode is another insightful interview with Chris Ferreira.

A Place In The Country.jpg

He recently released a book called ‘A Place In The Country’ and we discuss the story of how Chris came to write this book, and delve into the subjects covered.

Chris is a friend and a mentor, and I’m happy to support him by giving him a platform to discuss the book. The idea behind the book is an “ ‘eyes wide open’ approach to creating your own beautiful, productive and sustainable rural landscape.” 

While not directly related to microbes, I think it fits in well to living a probiotic life by keeping with the theme of creating life around us.

We talk about choosing a rural property, deciding on livestock, priming the soil, pasture and crops, revegetation, water in the landscape, and more.

I really had fun talking to Chris about his book, and I hope you enjoy our chat too.


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Show Notes to come.