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FPJ Elixir Giveaway

FPJ or Fermented Plant Juice is one of the staples of Korean Natural Farming. It truly embodies the essence of the probiotic life.

Before sunrise, the tips of the plants contain the most amount of growth hormones from growing all night. As the sun hits the leaves these growth hormones retreat downward in order for the plant to do one of the most important jobs on the planet... photosynthesis.

Carefully harvested at dawn, the tips of these healthy plants not only contain hormones within them, but upon them reside multitudes of beneficial microbes ready to defend the plant from pathogens. 

All this vitality in and on the plant is extracted using a simple scientific method with the osmotic pressure of granulated sugar.

This extract is a stabilised medium in which the microbes hibernate, and when added to clean, un-chlorinated water, the plant hormones and microbes are released from stasis and ready to give your plants a boost!

We are giving away one bottle of borage FPJ. Shipped worldwide where permitted. This elixir is valued at $25 AUD


Official Rules

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