034 - Herbalism, Philosophy, and Fermentation With Angelina Hjelm

Inspiring Connection To Nature Through Hands On Experience

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In this episode, we talk to Angelina Hjelm of AngelinaNaturalis.com

Her passion is to gather nature’s intrinsic knowledge and share it with others.

She’s studied alpine botany at Umeå university. Did a Bachelors in organic gardening and design systems at Gothenburg University. 

And also a Permaculture Design Course with Richard Perkins, at Ridgedale Permaculture Farm. 

Angelina’s love for nature and her inquisitive disposition has given her extensive knowledge of plants, both wild and cultivated, their use in gardens and their medicinal and culinary properties.

Join us as Angelina shares some of her journey. We get into a great discussion about connecting to nature, wild foraging, herbs, and she shares with us some ‘how to’ on her favourite ferments.


Check out what Angelina is up to:





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Show Notes


- studied and worked with plants for last 13 years

- alpine botany and organic gardening at university

- strong sense of belonging in the natural world, and therefore curiosity, has been the inspiration for her work all her life

- “everyday magic”, being part of this little bubble (Earth) among the stars


- discussion of oldest place in Sweden

- Angelina had a farm near the Arctic circle

- now lives in the southern part of Sweden, and works there to guide people into the natural world


- certified in permaculture

- since 2016 has run “Angelina Naturalis”: specialises in edible and medicinal wild plants, herbal therapy, plant-based wild and green foods

- incorporating plants into everyday life is gentler on the body, creates longterm solutions

- Angelina helps people find ways to use these plants regularly


- discussion of Angelina’s early experiences in nature

- wanted to learn more details about how plant kingdom was defined

- she learned how to read the landscape based on what plants were growing and how they tasted


- colours and flavours, and therefore nutrients, are intensified in certain landscapes, where food is less available

- we have focused on sweeter plants in our cultivated crops, and neglected more bitter-tasting medicinal ones

- bitter substances serve specific functions in our body, to stimulate enzymes, gallbladder & pancreatic juices, digesting and absorbing foods

- Angelina advocates a balance of annuals, biannuals, and perennials in the diet


- because of her connection to nature, Angelina grew up with a sense of trust, and a very positive outlook on the world, in contrast to many others she encountered

- she saw the world as dynamic, resilient, and capable, a world of possibilities

- “we are in space, no one knows why, I love you”

- understanding the natural world gives a sense of responsibility and care, that we have natural capital and resources available to use to benefit each other and the world



- the world has billions of years experience, and so many functional systems to learn from

- a striving to understand, but also an openness that there is so much more to know


Looking Forward

- base knowledge of the world in and around us, tending to our health while not overloading the systems around us that we are totally dependent on

- instead of conquering and controlling, we have the possibility to collaborate

- oldest book in Chinese medicine, which is about the relationship between human being and nature, constantly adapting for optimum function



- fermented “Jun” culture

- using Jun to make different herbal brews and medicinal teas

- fermenting flowers and leaves into different teas

- discussion of fermentation process

- discussion of plants and flavours to use


Current Interests

- studying phytochemistry, otherwise known as herbal therapy

- herbal tours from south to the north of Scandinavia

- people have a hunger and openness to gain useful knowledge of plants, especially children


Final Thoughts

- Angelina wants to encourage even the smallest expression of cultivating a healthier approach to life

- support people who are already doing so

- engage with your curiosity

- willingness to be amazed


Angelina’s Inspirations

- intensive permaculture design course with Richard Perkins

- Stephen Barstow, “The Extreme Salad Man”