038 - Probiotic Permaculture With Geoff Lawton & Sam Parker-Davies

All About Permaculture At Zaytuna Farm And Living A Probiotic Life


In this episode, it is a pleasure to bring you an interview with Geoff Lawton & Sam Parker-Davies of Zaytuna Farm in New South Wales, Australia.

Geoff is a world renowned permaculture designer, advisor, and teacher. He’s worked in over 30 countries around the world, and has taught over 15,000 students.

Sam is a student of Geoff’s, learning to follow in his footsteps, and is just a few years in to his permaculture journey. He contributes a fresh look at Geoff’s significant work through the eyes of a new, but deeply engaged learner.

I had the privilege of talking to them both about their experiences, and what permaculture means to them. 

Of particular note is our discussion of the property they live on. Zaytuna Farm is a self sufficient site for permaculture demonstration, and is also the base for the Permaculture Research Institute.

A recurring theme that comes up in this conversation is creating abundance, and how a rich and fulfilling life comes from creating abundance around us.

Join us as we dive in to the world of permaculture!

Here are the links we mention:

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Show Notes to come.