037 - Teaming With Microbes With Jeff Lowenfels

We Are All Connected To The Soil Food Web 

Jeff Lowenfels

In this episode we talk to Jeff Lowenfels about his trilogy of books: Teaming With Microbes, Teaming With Nutrients, And Teaming With Fungi. He frequently travels and lectures on these subjects which has led to his nickname  “Lord of The Roots.”

Jeff also writes the longest running garden column in North America; The Alaska Dispatch Garden Column, having never missed a week in 41 years.

Join us for this lively conversation as Jeff shares how he came to write Teaming With Microbes, and how he changed direction after giving 25 years of wrong advice in his garden column. We touch on his book Teaming With Nutrients and delve into Jeff’s third book in the series; Teaming With Fungi.

We talk about how everything is connected, especially in the soil, and how important soil life is for our own existence.

You can find out more about Jeff on his website www.jefflowenfels.com

Check out his Twitter: https://twitter.com/gardenerjeff

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