020 - Nutrition: Building the Soil Within and Without with Darren Hey

An Exploration Of The Biome Of Body And Soul

Darren Hey is a nutrition expert and a teacher of Natural Living. His studies include the philosophies of natural hygiene, nature cure, and biogenics

We talk about these philosophies, about nutrition, about the gut, and more. He has a great way of communicating this, and tying it all into the Probiotic life.


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Show Notes



- very diverse career background

- all types of work have been some form of training his body to make it stronger and fitter

- this made him realise you need to nourish your body well

- philosophies of natural living: the body is self healing when you align with life conditions

- 3 streams of philosophy: natural hygiene, nature cure, biogenics

- became an educator in natural living and healing

- Q of how do you get/grow high quality food? led him to permaculture

- recently completed apprenticeship with Geoff Lawton 

- teaches on true health science, not info pushed by corporate dogma




Natural Hygiene & Nature Cure

- cleanliness inside and outside

- cleanliness does not mean sterility, which is devoid of life

- looks at health holistically

- when you provide your cells with what they need in the right ratio they are effectively immortal

- cells require: energy, nutrient, the removal of waste product

- nature cure is very similar, but uses fasting a little bit differently





- biogenics: came from teaching of ancient sacred society of Essenes, as deciphered by scholar Edmond Bordeaux Szekely

- Essenes lived in accordance with natural law, how to align yourself with beneficial forces

- natural forces (such as water) have memory and energy flow; water will die if you interrupt its natural flow

- water behaves as if it is frozen inside our bodies, to facilitate energy & information along our nervous tissue




Steps Along Darren’s Path

- found mainstream perception of life dry and unfulfilling

- went on a search for meaning, for answers

- intuitively sensed there was something more

- experience in army of how easily info can be manipulated, where the public receives incorrect or incomplete info

- truth has become his highest value

- as many others, reaching a point of breakdown and injury, caused him to reevaluate

- began to ask how he brought himself to that point, develop awareness of his own responsibility

- high value for self-actualisation

- people not knowing or outright ignoring their own health is the cause of chronic illness & mental health crisis




Lessons learned from Nature

- nature provides everything that we need

- life is working for us, not against us

- how can we work with the living forces around us?

- this gives you your greatest chance for wellbeing

- also reveals which parts of you sees life as an antagonist: this creates opportunity for emotional & mental healing




The Disrupting of Nature

- water seeks 4 degrees Celsius and retreats from warmth, which creates the cycle of how water moves around the earth

- by interrupting and polluting nature, you destroy the habitat water requires

- life is seeking homeostasis, in all the trillions of processes happening at every moment in your body

- physical symptoms are messages that something is out of balance

- treating the symptoms instead of finding the cause interrupts our bodies’ attempts to self-heal

- this shuts off our opportunity to get back in balance and heal naturally




Getting Back In Alignment

- nature within us, nature around us, and our own nature

- we are not meant to live separated from natural processes

- we need technology that frees humanity, is earth-friendly, obeys natural law

- law of energy conservation: don’t push life beyond its ability to recuperate, or it will die

- get familiar with the laws of nature operating within us, learning what your senses are telling you

- willingness to face the truth

- take responsibility for your journey, self-education

- surrender to life’s prerogative in your body, that it is out of your control and has its own laws




Illness, Bacteria, and Healing

- your body will tell you the truth about what is happening in your consciousness

- illness and injury come from spirit & mind attempting to heal the body, or spirit & body attempting to heal the mind

- energy can’t be created or destroyed, only transformed

- you can transform it to your benefit or to your detriment

- the monomorphic idea of germs = disease, kill bacteria = cure disease is not quite correct

- when illness manifests, bacteria are the last thing to show up; disease was already well on its way before that

- if you keep creating toxic conditions in your body, the bacteria will keep transforming and coming back

- infection is the body attempting to clean house

- “the germ is nothing, the terrain is everything”

- waging war on bacteria is a sure route to destroying higher life forms, while the bacteria will survive




Final Thoughts

- soil food web inside you as well as your garden

- for high quality food pay attention to the biology of the soil

- permaculture is by design, food growing conditions that work in harmony with the laws of nature

- many organisms that live in soil also live in our bodies

- these benefit serotonin production within our bodies, boost natural immunity & detoxification, help with nutrient assimilation

- the seat of our physical mind is in our gut, modern science verifies this

- your ability to think clearly and powerfully depends on your gut