013 - Kristina Campbell

Probiotics, the Microbiome, and Journalism

Kristina Campbell is a science writer specifically in the area of the microbiome. She’s authored a book called The Well-Fed Microbiome Cookbook, and recently co-wrote a textbook on gut microbiota.

Today Kristina and I talk about probiotics, the microbiome, communicating science, women in journalism, and family and fermentation among other things.


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Writes for gutmicrobiotaforhealth.com


Her story 

-family all had gut issues 

-tried fermented foods


Two published books


-passion for writing about the microbiome 


-take the science and then do the best you can to implement it your everyday life

-cookbook is the science turned practical 


-her aim is to communicate where science ends and where speculation begins

-what is the ‘jumping off point’


Dr. Rob Night 

-American Gut Project

-Global FoodOmics Project

-led by Dr. Julia Gauglitz


Definition of a probiotic 

-Colin Hill and colleagues 

-wrote a paper on the definition of probiotic 

-proven benefit for host health



-live cultures

-live microorganisms 

-may or may not be specifically contributing to health 


Having children and probiotics

-being aware of diet and health 

-vaganal seeding

-microbiome of c-section and vaganal birth babies are different 


Health professionals collaborating 


Book by Dr. Brett Finlay and Marie Claire Arrieta 

Let Them Eat Dirt

-exposure to germs can be good for children 

-provides good guidelines 


-low risk environments to get dirty

-get to know bacteria 

-learn more about them


The Earth Microbiome Project 

-Rob Knight

-microbes and animals

-microbes and agriculture 


Journalism science and women

-discussion of disproportionate number of voices are male

-challenge assumptions we’ve had


Family culture

-co-educating each other 


Fermented food cultures connect us

-get a culture from a friend 

-microbes passed on


The Probiotic Life for Kristina

-Life of living in the moment

-fermented foods help her live in the moment 

-let microbes teach you how to slow down

Ben Klenner