031 - Mindsets, Mycology & Creative Expression With William Padilla-Brown

How Community, Mycology, And Creativity Help Us Become Symbiotic Organisms

Today’s interview is with with William Padilla-Brown. He’s a mycologist, artist, permaculturalist, and the founder of Mycosymbiotics. He has produced one of the first English books on cultivating Cordyceps militaris.

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His website www.mycosymbiotics.blog has the quote ”Homeostasis will only be achieved via Symbiosis with local Systems" which is a good way to frame this interview.

Join us as William shares a bit about his journey, which leads us through a fascinating dialogue about mindsets, community, permaculture, mycology, creative expression, psychedelic experience, and culture. 

William is also a hip-hop artist and on this episode we feature one of his latest releases. You can listen to it on Soundcloud here: soundcloud.com/itscosmic/rose-hips

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There are a few good takeaways from this one, so listen up! 


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Show Notes


William Padilla-Brown

- started a mushroom festival in 2015

- pre-existing interest in nutrition prior to getting into mushrooms

- benefits of cordyceps mushrooms

- wrote book “Cultivating Cordyceps”, one of the first guides about growing these written in English


Mindset Opens A Different Path

- moved around the world often while growing up

- dropped out of school at 16, started to take his education into his own hands

- became interested in holistic life choices, growing own food, permaculture

- decided to be the person in his community who undertook study of mushrooms

- had a desire to be an educator

- didn’t want to do traditional work for a living, saw opportunity to make a life another way

- taught a mushroom class, made more money in one hour than in lots more hours in any other job he’d had

- created a community around his chosen area of interest

- began to feel overloaded with too many projects, so narrowed focus to cordeceps


William’s Approach

- goes about his work with an “open source” mindset

- asks “how can I make this more accessible for people who need it?”

- loves to teach inner city residents

- his background in hip-hop and rap music has allowed him to introduce lots of people to permaculture ideas, who otherwise wouldn’t have encountered it


Creating Inspiration & Solutions

- draws inspiration from his 4 year old son

- firmly believes that there will be an end to suffering, and that we’re close to it

- what is needed is: more education, more communication, more acceptance

- many problems he sees are due to lack of these

- moving from a consumer mindset to a producer mindset

- able to be more creative when not worrying about surviving

- exposing people to experiences and creativity they might not have encountered before

- people want to be creators

- William is “a graduate of YouTube university”


Lessons from Fungi

- being humbled

- we are part of an interconnected whole, here to serve our function

- organisms, as they express their DNA, are telling their story

- we are more designed to utilise natural symbols as a language, than use auditory language


Psychedelic Experiences

- psychedelics can be a powerful tool just like any medicine, but it’s not for everyone

- his own experiences have brought understanding himself and the world around him

- for some people, this would be too unsettling

- communicating with ancient organisms as “elders”, looking to them for wisdom

- experiencing connection with yourself and the world around you at a deeper level

- Will didn’t feel like a man until he had these experiences, and after felt a greater level of social responsibility


Current Projects

- mushroom festival!

- a day in the life of William

- cordyceps production is booming

- discussion of uses for cordyceps

- William has written an ebook on growing cordeceps


Benefits of Cordyceps

- “DNA mushroom”

- protective of DNA

- almost all the ingredients for DNA and RNA synthesis, which our body normally spends a lot of energy on

- produces compound called cordycepin, which is so similar to ATP it can go into our mitochondria and provide energy on a cellular level

- really good for energy

- good for respiratory health

- effective antiretroviral

- powerful aphrodisiac for both women and men

- cordyceps militaris will grow on 32 species of insects; most other species will grow on only one species of insect


Adding Life Around You

- create homeostasis through symbiosis with local systems around you

- this includes food, people, other organisms


Looking To The Future

- technological systems that are beneficial for humans and the environment

- people becoming aware of and developing respect for nature, desiring to be closer

- seeing natural systems integrated into cities

- markets shifting away from junk, to accomodate growing desire for quality food and other items

- we’re moving towards something great