031 - Mindsets, Mycology & Creative Expression With William Padilla-Brown

How Community, Mycology, And Creativity Help Us Become Symbiotic Organisms

Today’s interview is with with William Padilla-Brown. He’s a mycologist, artist, permaculturalist, and the founder of Mycosymbiotics. He has produced one of the first English books on cultivating Cordyceps militaris.

Will PB.jpeg

His website www.mycosymbiotics.blog has the quote ”Homeostasis will only be achieved via Symbiosis with local Systems" which is a good way to frame this interview.

Join us as William shares a bit about his journey, which leads us through a fascinating dialogue about mindsets, community, permaculture, mycology, creative expression, psychedelic experience, and culture. 

William is also a hip-hop artist and on this episode we feature one of his latest releases. You can listen to it on Soundcloud here: soundcloud.com/itscosmic/rose-hips

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There are a few good takeaways from this one, so listen up! 


Check out what William is up to:










William Padilla-Brown






Show Notes to come.