027 - Microbial Ecology Connects Us All: Microbiome Research With Jack Gilbert

The Intricate Connections Microbes Have With Our Health, Our Environment, And How We Are All Connected

In this episode we explore the research that’s going on pertaining to the microbiome as we talk with Jack Gilbert. He is one of the leading scientists in the area of microbial ecology. If you have done any reading about the microbiome online, you’ve probably come across his name. 

Jack has been involved in many research projects, and has published studies which relate to many areas of microbial ecology. He shares with us a bit of his story and we cover a lot of ground relating to all things microbial, but the theme that stood out to me is how we are all connected, how we need to steward our environment wherever we are, and how we need to use our brains to critically evaluate the information presented to us.

Jack does a great job communicating these concepts and ideas, and I really enjoyed chatting to him.

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Here are some ways to find out more about Dr. Jack Gilbert:

Lab Website

Google Scholar


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