025 - Behind The Scenes Of The Probiotic Life

A Couch Conversation With Ben & Moraig Klenner About The Probiotic Life 

This episode is a bit of a different one, as mentioned in last episode. It’s a behind the scenes -or behind the headphones- chat. This is where my wife Moraig and I share about how we’ve came to this place, and she gets a chance to interview me.


If you’ve listened to more than one or two episodes, this will help you put the podcast into context, and help you to get to know us a bit better. That’s the idea, to connect with you on a personal level.


I did hesitate to release this, I procrastinated a few days, because it is our journey, and a necessary part of our journey to share with you all. But it requires me to be vulnerable, which is a journey in itself.

If you vibe with what we talk about, if it resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you, and hear a bit of your story.


Part of the vision I have for the Probiotic Life is to collaborate with folks, to really cross pollinate ideas and inspiration. So to start it off I’ve asked my friend Phil who is a musician and producer if I can support his project by showcasing his music on here. 


His band is Confiture and they just released their self-titled debut album. As Phil describes it: Confiture delivers some soulful cool-jazz vibes characterised by strong bass lines, delightfully syncopated breaks, and dreamy seventies-tinted melodies.


So check out their website confitureband.com and if you like their stuff, support them!

Theres a few samples on this episode, and at the end is a full song, titled: Shadows.


A big thank you to all who are on this journey with us, now join me as we hear some cool tunes, and go behind the scenes of The Probiotic Life.


Check out Confiture!





Ben Klenner